David DeWolf


CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: The Secret to Success in the Digital Economy

 Companies worldwide are grappling with the same vexing question: How do we stay competitive in the digital economy? They know their former approaches to product development won’t work anymore, but they aren’t sure what will. It’s exhilarating—but exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be. Success in the Digital Age depends not on how you do the work but on how you think about the work. At 3Pillar, we call this the Product Mindset. It’s not a strategy, methodology, or leadership theory. It doesn’t displace Agile—it brings it to a whole new level. 33Pillar CEO David DeWolf will share personal stories and case studies demonstrating how a few simple mindset shifts have helped companies across all industries to drive revenue, engage customers, and build innovative technologies. Leader to leader, DeWolf will explain how you can adapt the Product Mindset to transform your organization.

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